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Three Horses

                   Equine Communication

Equine Communication (Animal Communication) is a telepathic connection with a horse. It is a distant energy field reading session where the horse will communicate various things including his physical and emotional state, issues in surroundings, memories from past, fears, possible physical pain, past traumas, likes and dislikes or anything the horse feels is relevant for us to know at that moment. Questions can be asked from horses and answers will be received. Owners can also send messages to their horses. Just one session can resolve behaviour or other issues and help deepen the connection and trust with your beloved horse.

The best feedback from clients is when they have received an answer for questions regarding of the wellbeing of the horse. Perhaps something that has been bothering them for a while. Knowing what your horse thinks about any changes in their daily life, food, their herd or people close to them can give a peace of mind. Other times if the horse has shown some physical issues, the owner can have him checked up by a veterinarian to out rule any illnesses.

For the Equine Communication session is needed a recent photo of your horse where his eyes are seen well and if he looks at the camera it is even better. One clear facial photo or two is enough. Prior to the session I prefer not to know any information about the horse apart from his/hers name. You can have max 4 questions ready that I will ask during the session.

The best time to organize a session is when the horse is not working and not ridden at that time. Any time when the horse is relaxing or eating indoors or outdoors in his normal habitant is good. The session takes about an hour followed by taking notes of all information and messages received during the distant session. After that we will go through all outcome in detail on a what's app call. This is an important part where all the messages will find a full meaning for the owner of the horse.

I am happy to tell more in a brief consultation phone call if it is something you wish.

One hour session with a detailed one hour phone call feedback included is £50/ 55€.

Enquiries and bookings:

                       Equine Healing 

Equine Healing is a holistic care option for horses. This is a natural and gentle treatment where focus is on listening to the horse and it's body and finding the root of a problem. Healing helps for any injuries, illnesses, past trauma and behaviour issues and activates the body's own natural healing process.


Horses are extremely sensitive beings and therefore they are hugely responsive for this treatment . Equine Healing session includes an overall wellbeing check, energy healing, light touch (unless it is a distant healing session) and detailed feedback.  It is suitable and beneficial for all horses with any type of physical, behaviour or emotional issues. The treatment activates the body's own self-healing process and can also be used to boost the general health and the wellbeing of your beloved horse by giving them more protection for their immune system.

Equine Healing does not replace any medical treatment. Although physical issues can be seen in a healing session, it is never a diagnosis and in those cases I strongly advise to make an appointment with a local Vet to confirm the horses medical condition.

One Equine Healing session takes about an hour and is followed by writing down all outcomes from the session. Afterwards we will go through all matters in detail I a what's app call. The call is extremely important and relevant to bring light to all  information and issues that were presented during the Equine Healing session. This is a distant healing session where the geographical distance is not important. If required  a contact healing for your horse is also available depending on your location. Please ask for details.

I am happy to tell more in a brief consultation phone call if it is something you wish.

One hour session with a detailed one hour phone call feedback included is £50/ 55€.

Enquiries and bookings:

The benefits that Equine Healing can bring:

    •    Lowering the stress levels

    •    Reduction of pain and inflammation

    •    Increase of flexibility and balance

    •    Rise of the energy and vitality

    •    Faster recovery from trauma,  illness and injury

    •    Increase of connection and trust

 Combined Equine Communication & Healing

It is also possible to combine these two sessions in one. In this case the communication time is longer and the session more profound. The combined Equine Communication and Equine Healing session is £70/ 75 € (including the detailed explanation call of the outcome of the session)


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