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Three Horses

            Equine Communication

Distant Equine Communication is also available where the session has a focus on Equine Communication. Questions can be asked from horses and answers will be received. Equine Energy Reading is a distant energy field reading session where the horse will communicate various things including issues in surroundings, memories, fears, physical pain, past traumas, likes and dislikes or anything the horse feels is relevant for us to know. This session is very useful for the owners as well as for the horse. Various things can come up to light from the view point of the horse. The information can then be used to make changes in the horses life which brings wellbeing and positive aspects for both the owner and the beloved horses life. 


All the sessions will be organised in advance so that the horse is in a relaxed mode and not being ridden or moved during the reading which takes approximately an hour. Before the reading it is necessary to send couple of good photos where the the eyes and the look of the horse is seen. Photos can be sent via whats app or email.  

One hour session with a detailed one hour feedback over a phone is included is £50/ 55€.

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                                                          Equine Healing

Equine Healing is a holistic care option for horses. This is a natural and gentle treatment where focus is on listening to the horse and it's body and finding the root of a problem. Horses are extremely sensitive beings and therefore they are hugely responsive for this treatment . Equine Healing session includes an overall wellbeing check, energy healing, light touch and feedback after the session.  It is suitable and beneficial for all horses with any type of physical, behaviour or emotional issues. The treatment activates the body's own self-healing process and can also be used to boost the general health and the wellbeing of your beloved horse by giving them more protection for their immune system.

The benefits that Equine Healing can bring:

    •    Lowering the stress levels

    •    Reduction of pain and inflammation

    •    Increase of flexibility and balance

    •    Rise of the energy and vitality

    •    Faster recovery from trauma,  illness and injury

    •    Increase of connection and trust

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