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Mia Sananda

Mia’s background is in Art & Design having worked as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer for years.

She has a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design & Illustration and speaks fluently three languages (English, Finnish and Italian).

Her strong intuitive skills, spiritual growth followed by a challenging past transformed her. This then urged her to help people and lead her to become and train as a Healer and also a Carer in a same year. The nature has always been close to her heart and connecting with animals comes natural for her. Apart from nurturing people she has a great passion for healing animals too, especially horses.

She has a two year Diploma in Healing from College of Psychic Studies and is an Accredited Healer. Part of the diploma course she has completed Level 2 Award in Effective Listening Skills, Stress Management, EFT Level 1 & Working with Cancer, Terminal Illness and Life-threatening Illness, Healing with Sound, Animal Healing and Communication, Healing with Crystals, an Introduction to Healing in a Hospital or Hospice, Healing for the Dying and Anatomy & Physiology.


Previously she has taken courses on Reiki, Mediumship, Empathy and other self-development topics.

She has attended many Osho active meditations and meditation festivals where she has also worked. She is a keen practioner of daily meditations along with mindfulness and movement. She loves spending time by the sea, in the forest and in the mountains.

Mia's passion for horses has lead her to become an Equine Massage Therapist and the wellbeing of horses is her priority and a her mission of her life. Her developed intuitive skills guides her to find out medical issues along with psychological issues and therefore help giving the cure needed.

Mia is a Registered Healer and works according to the Code of Conduct of UK Healers and is insured. 


The name Sananda means happy. It symbolises a promise to live from your heart space, to find your soul purpose, have the curiosity for life, to keep growing as a spiritual person and to aim for joy & fulfilment in a daily life.


My motivation to become a Healer comes from my challenging past and daily battles with a chronic illness. My true aim is to offer acceptance, compassion and holding a safe space and time for an issue never too big. Through my own life experiences my level of understanding is deep and I will be there with my full, kind and loving presence.


Sometimes we build walls around us to keep unwanted things away but that way we also keep the sunshine out. Following the light and listening to our inner voice is our choice. Often though we need to be awakened to see that it is really us who have the power to change our lives.


I believe that with gentle guidance, profound self-development and true dedication anyone can reach the empowerment and that way gain the courage to change their lives. Learning to love ourselves more creates a platform to manifest positive changes, better relationships, fullfilment of work life balance and

a future with full of prosperities and abundance.

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