Equine Healing is a holistic care option for horses. This is a natural and gentle treatment where focus is listening to the horse and it's body and finding the root of a problem. Horses are extremely sensitive beings and therefore they are hugely responsive for this treatment . Equine Healing session includes an overall wellbeing check, energy healing and light massage touch. It is suitable and beneficial for all horses with any type of physical or emotional issues. The treatment activates the body's own self-healing process and can also be used to boost the general health and the wellbeing of your beloved horse by giving them more protection for their immune system.

All sessions include an initial chat, mapping about clients present medical and emotional state, relaxation visualisation, Energy Healing & reading of your energy system and a moment of reflection in the end. The first session includes also a clarification of the client's background and wishes for the outcome of sessions.

Healing session 1 h  £40/45 €

Healing session 1,5 h  £50/60 €

Healing in your home add £10/15€ ( for local area)

Set of four- 1 h sessions  £140/160€

Concessions available. Please ask for details.

Your pet has feelings and can sometimes have emotional stress just like us. Animals have the ability to overcome many physical problems given time but sometimes a little extra help is needed and, as with humans, emotional wellfare is essential in promoting good health. Often pets can pick up issues or worries of the owner so working with the owner is often recommended. In some cases, especially if the animal has had previous owners or been rescued it can be beneficial to work just with the animal. Energy Healing addresses both physical and emotional issues as often they are linked.


Healing is a complementary treatment and veterinary advice should always be asked first..

Healing for pets £35/40€ per visit (for local area) Travel cost is added for long distance. 

Distant Healing for pets £30/ 35

Duration of the contact healing session is always decided by your pet. Distant Healing session takes usually 30-60 mins. Pre-consultation and a client follow up by phone or writing is always included to the distant healing sessions.

Please ask for more details.

I offer Distant Healing for people and animals who are geographically located far away or unable to come for contact healing. Distant Healing is as effective as contact Healing and the benefits can be felt sometimes even more strongly. When we work on an energy level there is no space separation, therefore the physical distance does not matter.

A Distant Healing session includes:

  • Aura Healing & Repair

  • Chakra check up and activation

  • Intuitive medical view

  • Light healing

  • Cord cutting (if required)

  • Interpretation of intuitive messages

Distant Healing sessions can be organised twice a week up to 40 minutes each session in a normal situation. More frequent times can be organised for someone in an urgent need or a person in Intensive Care at the hospital. No special arrangement for the client is necessary at healing times although a relaxed position and ambient helps a person to feel the sensations of Healing and to be more receptive. The effect of the session will be equal in any case. A detailed written review of the distant healing session is included to all the sessions.


Distant healing £30/ 35€ per person/session 

Distant healing for Animals £30/ 35€ per session

I write my own guided meditations and add these to my sessions when required.

I am available to work offering my personalised healing sessions in a variety of Wellness, Body&Mind&Spirit and different Healing based retreats, events and workshops locally and internationally. Please do contact me if you have something in mind you would like to discuss.

I offer my services for elderly people in Care home or Hospice environment. Patients with various illnesses could benefit from energy healing. My knowledge and understanding comes from being also a Carer and having experience working with people with Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Diabetes, Depression and different anxiety disorders.

Please email me for any enquiries and I can come and make an assessment and a free healing demonstration for the person in charge of the Care Home.

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