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High Vibe Art

Interior Art & Illustrations

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''The creativity with positive higher vibration and conscious state of mind - bringing the observer to an altered level of visual enjoyment''

Background as an Illustrator & Graphic Designer for magazines and other printed publications Mia has delightfully entered a new level of visual understanding. Her vibrant images today are a manifestation of her path of personal development through meditation, healing arts and working with energies.

''My journey as an artist from a visual jungle to uplifting clarity gives out a message of abundance and joy which I want to share and ideally bring that same high vibrational visual boost for your business or home.''

High Vibe Art is welcoming commissions from businesses and private individuals who aim to create beautiful and energetically pure & vibrant visual messages for their clients. 

High Vibe images are ideal for either printed or online use. Wall Art, greeting cards, home design, magazines, websites, web banners, leaflets, flyers, back drops and what ever tickles your imagination.

Larger size prints on various materials can be used to promote your event or brighten up your space. Wellness & Couching events, Public areas, Trade shows, Yoga studios, Holistic Centres, Gyms, 

Vegetarian & Vegan restaurants, offices & homes...and more. You name it and the sky is not a limit.

Having a project in mind? 

Together we can make it happen.


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